Flagship Gallery Marketing Collateral

Flagship is a great customer to develop long term projects as the Gallery uses visual content in print, digital media and also animated infographics.

Monthly revolved events create a demand for updates:

  1. on the website,
  2. social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,
  3. “traditional”, printed posters and flyers.

sample image

Cooperation with the Flagship Gallery marketing team brings opportunities to commit artworks with the freedom of referenced meanings and associations. It is a kind of fun, games, waiting to decrypt the message.

It seems, nowadays, visual language is meaningless, devoid of sense and message. Nobody is even trying to get into it. Why?

sample image like a bird

Bird sketches compiled in the stereoscopic composition, along with depth created in Maya and applied in Nuke. An abundance of sparrows enjoying the wealth of our bird feeder, in exchange we can enjoy the vast opportunity to observe, take pictures, sketches, many inspirations to capture in our works.

sample image First autumn in Hamilton

Leaves accumulated on the lawn. The pattern used for testing the method of creating so-called “cross-eyed” stereoscopic image.

  • Leaves pattern is edited basically as a collage to at least minimize elements destructing the final illusion;
  • Depth map is created using the 3D models;
  • Depth distortion is tested as an anaglyph image;

For the lack of better term, I would keep calling it anamorphic composition.