Society of Canadian Artists Exhibition Catalogue

Recent work for a new customer. Created in close cooperation with the organization where many artists deliver opinions and share their experience. At the end of a day all is taken into consideration in the design process that brings nice outcome and mutual satisfaction.

Catalogue designed as a follow up to previous edition, preserving the format and the general composition of content. Basic technical challeng is to reproduce submitted artworks, that are RGB pictures, converted to CMYK using the proper color managment profile, finaly printed in offset. Beside the issue of exact reproduction of colors, there is much bigger problem of disparity betwin RGB and CMYK gamuts.

  1. Original RGB artwork submitted by artist.
  2. Photoshop Gamut Warning screenshot.
  3. Artwork converted to CMYK using profile rendering acceptable result (low JND) for most of pictures, but obviously not for this one.

sample image

Above presented is the sharpest example of color range that is non transferable from RGB gamut to CMYK color space. Yet this very picture was selected for the cover. The Gamut Warning is actually used in printshops as an excuse to print artwork as it comes out from submitted CMYK files, in this case, with the huge shift in blue hues. So to make this reproduction acceptable, some additional knowledge and experience is needed. And in order not to complain about the printing house, I will say that there are not many printshops where such experiments could be carried out.

After all, the catalogue has been very positively received. When I compared the reproductions with the pictures presented at the exhibition, the differences resulted only from the incompatibility of the provided photos.