Brand and Product Promotion, Astellas

Projects created for a dermatological branch of a pharmaceutical company covering many areas of marketing campaigns. The long-term projects, the biggest scope, the highest technical advancement.

Pharmaceutical editorial materials

Developed for any publisher indicated by the customer, for various media, in various formats. As a lead art director, I have tailored these ads to the specifications of the publishers currently selected by the marketing department of the pharmaceutical company.

Society of Canadian Artists Exhibition Catalogue

Recent work for a new customer. Created in close cooperation with the organization where many artists deliver opinions and share their experience. At the end of a day all is taken into consideration in the design process that brings nice outcome and mutual satisfaction.

Logo design

Visual identity for new enterprises, new products, designed or upgraded marketing tools.


I lean towards impressionist, post-impressionist, but generally, realistic art, though I am very inspired by the subjective, individualistic, and expressionistic approach.

Promotional materials

Low-budget projects implemented for the needs of current events. Usually prepared on the basis of provided amateur-quality photographs and low-resolution references of sponsors' corporate materials.


Drawing is the analytical part of creative work, it is a record of the process of thoughts. The sketchiness of the drawing is not a dismissive feature. As the art is not a higher level of a craft...

Polly of Bridgewater Farm

Publishing project including the design of the book's layout, selection of materials, preparation of illustrations, editorial makeup, author's supervision of the printing process, and also subsequently accompanying promotional activities.